Is Your Organization Ready for the Next Digital Transformation?

Daggerwing Group interviewed leaders in Marketing, Communications, Product Management and Digital across 3 continents and 7 business categories–including hospitality, retail, technology, financial services, pharma, manufacturing, and utilities–to find out how they are surviving in the face of relentless, accelerating change in technology, customer expectations, and more agile digital competitors. We sought to answer the following question:

“How have you survived digital disruption so far…and what will it take to sucked for your business, your brands, and your customers in the future?” 

This report features analysis, expert tips and lessons learned to provide a recipe for how digital will drive competitive advantage and business results in 2020 and beyond. Our expert analysis and candid discussions with leaders uncovered real measures of where organizations are today and where they need to be tomorrow, boiling it down to five main challenge areas:

  1. Coping with the speed of change
  2. Finding the balance between globalization and localization when there is no “right way”
  3. Communication is now storytelling, but where are the storytellers?
  4. Being digital (even if you weren’t born digital)
  5. Injecting data into every decision

Our proven half-day workshop approach can help track your digital transformation and build a plan for the next step in your digital future, taking into account that it is more than just technology that has to change. Daggerwing’s battle-tested, interactive workshop methods will help you come away with a customized action plan for building your digital future, identifying the top opportunities to drive the most impact for your customers, employees, and business. For more information and contact details, explore our workshop overview downloadables below:




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