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CHANGE@WORK is a podcast about the ever-evolving world of work and the human behaviors that drive it. Chris Thornton, Principal at Daggerwing Group, hosts and discusses what we've learned as change consultants with fellow colleagues, clients and partners. Tune in every month as we explore the human side of organizational change, who we are as a team and who we are as individuals.

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Your host Chris Thorton is a Principal at Daggerwing Group where he works with companies to improve employee engagement by successfully executing strategic communication and change programs. In his previous experience, he led the internal communications function at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the global technology communications team at Pfizer. However, he's most known for his skills in the kitchen. Chris and his wife were featured in the New York Times for their love of pie.

Episode 1

In this episode, host Chris Thornton interviews Senior Principal Michelle Mahony. Michelle leads the U.S. team at Daggerwing Group where she partners with some of the world's leading organizations to get the most out of transformations by facilitating executive alignment on business goals, designing and driving organizational, operational and cultural change and creating inspired employee experiences. Michelle discusses the powerful position leaders hold in driving change. She and Chris examine what it means to be human and how “being real” and empathetic with employees has a positive impact effect. She emphasizes that the connection between emotion and rationale during a change is crucial for success.

Episode 2

In this episode, host Chris Thornton interviews Creative Director Kate MacPherson. Kate is an award-winning Creative Director with over 13 years of experience in the creative industry and consulting combined. Kate blends her wide experience at Daggerwing, bringing creative planning, strategy and execution to the group. She and Chris discuss her own journey with change and how her transition from an advertising background has influenced her current role in change management. Importantly, Kate introduces the concept of “design thinking” and why this idea can help leaders initiate change and create an energy for their employees to move towards a goal.

Episode 3

In this episode, host Chris Thornton interviews President and Co-Founder, Cheryl Ferguson about Daggerwing’s experiences helping companies successfully put the customer at the center of their business. As part of their conversation, Chris and Cheryl discuss a recent Forrester case study on how Daggerwing strategically partnered with HP to create a culture of customer obsession that transformed their printing business. Cheryl also speaks on the idea that the convergence of data, personalization and design thinking is changing how entire companies are holistically managing customer experience design.

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