Webinar: Rethinking the Future of Work

Over the past couple of months, the world has experienced unprecedented change. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the Black Lives Matter movement, organizations and leaders have to had to pivot quickly – in many cases changing their business strategy overnight. In our last webinar, we discussed the four drivers we believe are transforming the world of work, and how businesses will need to operate moving forward. But how do you, as a leader, reconcile those implications with the day-to-day decisions that must be made and tasks that need to get done?

Over the next several weeks, we will explore five focus areas to address in your future planning, and what they mean for leaders and organizations across different regions and industries – starting with Rethinking the Future of Work. 

In this quick webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Ask the right questions as your organization evolves.
  • Align leaders on what the future looks like.
  • Strengthen trust with employees.



Cheryl Ferguson
President & Co-Founder

Cheryl is the President and Co-Founder of Daggerwing Group. Cheryl has helped to develop innovative and engaging ways to simplify and speed up executive decision-making about the shift from product to customer-centricity. Her focus is driving meaningful change by breaking down silos, re-organizing structures, improving culture and ways of working, and empowering employees to meet the needs of customers at every step of the customer journey.


Andy Rugeroni 

Andy Rugeroni is a Principal at Daggerwing Group. He specializes in business transformation, change, and engagement; always taking a human rather than a process-led approach to his project work. Over the last few years, Andy’s focus has been on accelerating the adoption of digital ways of working across large organizations and helping businesses to realize the value of their mergers and acquisitions through a people-first approach.

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