Social Identity = Secret Sauce

Organizations often have a strong perception of their value proposition – however, many do not take the time to understand how customers and employees actually experience their brand, resulting in a gap between perception and reality.

One of our clients, a boutique product design and technology consultancy, was already a two-star rated “Best Company.” However, they weren’t entirely sure what it was that was driving this great rating, and faced with aggressive growth and a desire to preserve their collaborative and innovative nature, they were faced with some key organizational questions:

  • What makes your workplace a uniquely great place to work?
  • How can you ramp up those unique qualities along every point of the employee experience?
  • How do you attract high-caliber talent with a very specialized skill-set?

By using social identity to help employees to relate to the company and drive engagement, the client was able to identify the “special sauce” of what employees actually loved about working there, and went from a two-star rating to a three-star rating for Best Company. Our Daggerwing team recently received an award from the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) for Excellence in Employee Engagement for our partnership with the client. Paul Teuton, Senior Principal, shares with the ABP how we did it:


Paul Teuton, Senior Principal

Paul Teuton, Senior Principal

Daggerwing Group Senior Principal Paul Teuton is an occupational psychologist and has been engaged in business consultancy roles since 1997. Former employers include PwC, SAIC, and IBM where he has performed a blend of consulting, management, and thought leadership roles. Paul’s background includes an MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire and a BSc in Psychology from the University of Dundee. Paul is obsessed with golf so when he has time between clients and family, you’ll find him on the fairways (or more likely in the rough).

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