Daggerwing Group helps clients change in four ways:

Better deliver on the brand promise to customers
  • Deal with rapidly shifting customer preferences and expectations
  • Identify and close customer experience gaps and barriers that undermine satisfaction
  • Quickly improve key customer engagement end-to-end pain points
Activate culture to improve business results
  • Fix or improve broken cultures contributing to weak employee and customer engagement
  • Assess and align people, processes and structure to be focused on meeting customer and business needs

Realign the organization to be agile in the face of change
  • Break down silos
  • Redefine roles, responsibilities, and metrics to drive business and customer goals
  • Integrate spins, splits, sales and acquisitions
  • Adopt new ways of working amidst evolving systems, processes and technology

Engage and equip employees to strengthen performance
  • Give employees a reason to listen and get on board with change
  • Rally towards customer-centric ways of working
  • Develop a structured, sustainable and measurable roadmap for change

Global top 10 rating

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