In Daggerwing Group’s proprietary Liquid Change study – 95% of the 500 leaders of large companies in 7 global markets agreed that managing change effectively is critical to business success. In fact the relentless pace of change is impacting most companies in 3 ways:

  1. Customers are changing faster than their business
  2. Employees are tired of too much change too fast
  3. Executives are on the hook for fast-paced change
To grow, a company needs to act fast to change customer behavior. To do that, leaders need to rapidly change the behavior of all employees. And to do that, leaders need cultural and organizational readiness right now.

We believe:

We believe that a company’s pace of growth is tied to the speed of customer and employee behavior change. That’s why Daggerwing Group’s focus is on helping companies accelerate growth by changing customer and employee behavior, fast.

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