Mergers and acquisitions. Culture change to align with a CEO’s vision. Digital transformations. Revamping employee experience and winning the war on talent. Companies are investing in change management more than ever before. Yet they often accept that change is doomed to fail.

At Daggerwing Group, our mantra is: Do change right the first time. We offer a different consulting experience that goes beyond delivering a strategy document. We work shoulder to shoulder with clients on every step, from strategy through execution. We are there end-to-end with you until your people have become advocates and drivers of the change.

What makes our proven approach so effective? We know that organizations don’t change – people do.

We believe that real change happens when the people inside the company are ready to make the change happen.​

​It’s why our proven methods are rooted in both business principles and psychology – to tap into why your people do and don’t want to change. Results are tied to success of customer and employee behavior change. We make change a habit that becomes part of the culture – not just an initiative.​

Focusing on people – the hardest part of change management – will make change happen and make it last.

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