Change often fails. We don’t.

When transformation leaders don’t address people factors, change usually fails. Many companies have experienced a pattern of investing in change time-after-time, without seeing their vision come to life. At Daggerwing, the way we do change right the first time is by focusing on people.

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We break the cycle of change management failure

Leaders are investing more and more in change management today – but some are willing to accept a high failure rate. Our purpose, and all of our proven methods, are designed to help leaders prevent failure from happening.

We are the secret weapon of the C-Suite

C-Suite leaders don’t just want change – they have big transformation ambitions and they want them to stick. Our reliable ability to make it happen is the reason why more than half of our core clients have been coming back to Daggerwing for three or more years.

We have broad industry expertise

The people factors that drive change success or failure cut across all industries – and so does Daggerwing’s expertise. We know that industry experience is an advantage, so we offer experience across CPG, healthcare and pharma, automotive, QSR, food and beverage, technology, aerospace, finance, fashion and luxury, retail and manufacturing sectors.

Doing change right starts with knowing why change fails

Daggerwing has extensively studied the factors undermining change success. No surprise – those factors are focused on people. And many of the reasons behind failure are simply human nature and lack of understanding about why people do and do not want to change. We apply the lens of these 8 Reasons Why Change Fails to all our engagements:

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Where did the name Daggerwing come from?

Co-founders Ewan Main and Cheryl Ferguson exchanged a weary glance – why was it so hard to come up with a name that fit the new company?

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