CEOs are often impatient visionaries; they want their growth strategy implemented now. Does culture help or hinder?

Strong cultures are rooted in shared beliefs, habits, and values that create a unique proposition for organizations and their people. Culture is not only critical for attracting and retaining the right talent, but it can also be the secret sauce for how companies succeed in an age of disruption. In fact, some companies are now stating that culture is the prominent asset for driving value in their organization. That’s where Daggerwing can help.

We connect culture to strategy and purpose – influencing the employee behaviors required for growth

Daggerwing works with leaders – the drivers of culture change – to make culture a business asset. Here are three examples of our culture change services:

CEO-Led High-Growth Culture Shifts

We help clients create a culture that fuels growth – strengthening learning, experimentation, and risk-taking, empowering bottom-up decision-making, embracing a one team, anti-silo mentality, and an outside-in perspective.

Culture-First Operating Models

To create and sustain behavior change, we help leaders make the company culture prominently visible everywhere – in language, HR and business processes, physical environment, and the brand story. Then, we help leaders inject culture into employee reward systems, and all the ways employees connect and celebrate together.

DE&I Within Day-to-Day Culture

We help companies transition from external DE&I statements to internal action – building out action plans, creating awareness, activating programs, and cultivating momentum.

Six Culture Red Flags that can tank your Future of Work Strategy

Leaders are facing a dual challenge: cultivate a culture of growth while introducing new flexible work models. It is critical to get it right. When a culture supports strategy, productivity and revenues rise, customers buy more, good employees stay, and great employees join.

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Put what we know to be true about culture change to work for your company

Daggerwing has spent years transforming the culture of Fortune 500 companies – from tech to food, and from pharma to fashion. And when we say culture, we really mean every day, all-day employee behaviors: how people act even when the boss is not in the room. Here are the 5 things we know to be true about wildly impactful culture change:

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