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Daggerwing Group is a top 10 rated firm with two decades of growth as Omnicom’s global change consultancy. Our people are passionate, practical practitioners of customer and employee behavior change. We’re specialists in C-Suite alignment, customer & employee experience design, inside-out branding, corporate culture activation and all manners of business transformation including organizational, digital and marketing. Interested?


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We offer positions in consulting, creative, project management, business development, finance and administration. For consulting, our career path follows these levels:

In the 2019 ALM Intelligence Vanguard report on communications and change management consulting providers, Daggerwing Group was rated #1 globally in ability to create impact for clients and Best in Class in strategy among all the leading firms. Here’s what ALM had to say about Daggerwing Group’s strategic abilities:

Daggerwing has a unique ability to combine creative, insightful thinking with experience design to stimulate the executive imagination and identify strategic opportunities for change. The firm is equally adept at answering client’s high level questions about the impact of digital transformation on their future market position as it is in leveraging data analytics to help them look at their business through the eyes of their employees and customers.

Global top 10 rating

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