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Daggerwing offers clients a different kind of consulting experience – one that goes beyond just serving up a binder or presentation. We deliver a strategy and fully execute it.

In today’s uncertain business times, companies are investing more in change management than ever before. Yet many leaders are willing to accept that change will likely be painful – and fail. At Daggerwing Group, our proven methods are focused on helping clients break the cycle of failure. We know the drivers of sustainable people-centered change, and we work with clients end-to-end, from strategy to execution, to make it happen.

A People-First Focus

For our clients, growth is closely tied to the success of changing people’s behavior. We believe that real change only happens when people inside the organization are ready to make change happen. We make change a habit that becomes part of client culture – not just an initiative.

Psychology-Based Approach

Our methods are rooted in psychology to tap into why people do and don’t want to change. We use that human insight to design and execute plans that shift employees’ actions and behaviors. Using Human-Centered Design as a basis for everything we do, we unleash creative solutions that actually work for those most impacted by the change.

Proven Strategic Methods

Our proven methods are tied to universal behavioral insights and business principles. We then tailor our work to the unique challenges of our clients, so they are left with a custom-fit approach – no one else’s. It’s why our predominantly Fortune 500 client base looks to us as trusted partners, year after year.

The 5-Step Checklist for Doing Change Right

To do change right and make it stick, Daggerwing applies a deep understanding of the biases, thoughts, and perceptions that drive human behavior. We know how creative, human-centered solutions can impact what people think, feel, and do. Here is our proven 5-Step Checklist for changing behavior.

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