Making a transformation announcement at a Town Hall and sending out a few newsletters no longer qualifies as “Employee Engagement.”

There’s a reason why many leaders shy away from sponsoring enterprise transformations: getting employees to change is often seen as just too hard. Simply equating engagement with communications misses the mark. Now more than ever. Today employees feel empowered to tell their companies how to care for their wellbeing – and the planet’s wellbeing too. They expect to connect any enterprise change to their own personal and professional aspirations and values. That’s where Daggerwing can help.

We use proven methods and psychology to overcome the barriers to employee behavior change

Real change only happens when the people on the inside of the company are ready to make change happen. That takes leadership, systemic support, and emotional connections. Three of the ways we help clients engage employees to drive desired transformation outcomes include:

Equipping leaders to lead change

For some CEOs, one of the most challenging change barriers is the “messy middle” of senior leadership through to people managers, who are either threatened by change or lack the skills to make it happen. We help to equip and enable leaders to be accountable and effectively lead their teams through transformation.

Winning with talent strategy

In the uncertain post-COVID business environment, talent wars are heating up in favor of employees. We help HR leaders create and implement competitively advantaged talent brands, creating a clear understanding of why the employee experience will bring superior value to your top prospects.

Transitioning employees to the future workplace

Whether it’s back to the facility, hybrid flexibility, or a total shift to virtual, companies need comprehensive approaches to transitioning employees to the new future. We help leaders put employee engagement at the center of changes to structures, roles, team dynamics, ways of working, technology adoption, and trust-building leadership.

Put Employees at the Center of your ESG

Effective ESG strategies drive investor confidence and business resiliency. Even during COVID-19, companies with strong ESG are performing better and attracting more investment. But without employee buy-in, corporate ESG may underperform – creating the risk that ESG investment will not lead to the desired payoff in the long run. That’s why leaders are looking for ways to put employees at the center of ESG.

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Make your EVP your Top Priority

The lines between external brand and internal brand are blurring. Not only does an Employee Value Proposition need to work harder than ever before to attract, engage, and retain the best talent, the way companies treat and value their employees now influences customer opinion and purchasing behavior.

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